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Professional background - Fiona Provenzano, founder

It all began with my career aspirations in business and entrepreneurship. A small to mid-sized business with an opportunity to learn and progress. That business was child care.   I started in a corporate office, responsible for accounting, payroll, and office management.  I later moved into the position of Business Manager, visiting centres and working closely with directors and their teams.  Next, as Operations Accounting Manager, I oversaw 50 centres in 3 provinces.  Before starting Child Care Insight, I held the office of Secretary-Treasurer for a non-profit private kindergarten and special needs program, managing a budget of over $4 million for multiple locations in Alberta.

My academic background includes a professional accounting designation (CPA),  further professional development with a concentration in leadership, management, and ethics.  I have the latest knowledge in child care regulations and applications for both child care operations and Alberta Education Private ECS and PUF programs.    

A passion for child care

Child Care Insight was born from my many years in the child care industry in business and accounting roles.  During my time as Business Manager for a multi-location child care operator, I loved connecting with centre directors and their teams during our weekly visits.  I experienced their joys and challenges and gained valuable insights into the unique business of child care.    


Child care is a responsibility like no other.  I appreciate the time and attention it really takes.  It’s difficult to spend an uninterrupted day in the office.  By partnering with operators, I provide business solutions so they can focus on their teams, children, and families. 

In a nutshell... 

  • 18 + years in child care business and accounting functions. 

  • 8 years as Secretary-Treasurer for a Private ECS program funded by Alberta Education.

  • Professional accountant (CPA Alberta member)

  • Expertise in child care business requirements, regulations, and applications.

  • I enjoy the challenges and the variety of activities that child care brings.  

What is
Child Care Insight?

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