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To give you  more time  out of your office.

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Monthly services including financial, accounting, marketing, human resources, business development, & organizational tasks.  

For all child care operators, single or multiple locations,

and those considering entering the business.

Let's work towards our common goal ... your success!

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Full service management of your child care finances.  

All billing & receipts?  Taken care of!  Any billing structure (daily, monthly, and more), registration deposits, discounts.  Set up and ongoing management of EFT and other payments.  

Simplified reporting at your fingertips!

Keeping you on track with timely accounting, budget, enrolment, ratio reports.  

Are you using child care software, but need help managing it?  Need a new software recommendation?  Choosing technology can be overwhelming.

Website, social media, and SEO consultation.  Let's chat!  We'll work together so I can fully understand your business model, recommend the best option, and manage the implementation.

Child Care Insight focuses on automation, simplification, and internal controls.


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Bringing new faces to your centre.  

Wait list, enrolment, hiring management. 

Start to finish!

Efficient room organization, tracking upcoming spaces, arranging tours and registrations.

Management of your hiring process, from placing ads to screening applications and scheduling interviews. 



What are your goals?  Growth, sustainability, turning setbacks around?  I'll produce a plan based on your key objectives, put the steps in motion, check in regularly. 

Special funding management

Private ECS and PUF, Inclusive Child Care, and FSCD.

Would your community benefit from a kindergarten program, or special needs funding?  My step-by-step guide will support you through the process.  

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